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Channel 3's Christina Guessferd spoke with the homeless people who frequently hang out in the park about their latest act of protest. The revitalization plan set to being next month involves adding sidewalks and a new splash fountain and removing more than half the park's trees.

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And the homeless say without the park, they'll have nowhere left to go. There's a historical marker over there. You're not supposed to tear up this park. You can't do that.

Burlington's discount cycle revealed (hint: buy that new coat now)

Then you take our turtle that we all paid for -- koi fish, goldfish, sticky frog, come on man For the last few months a turtle and several fish swam in the City Hall Park fountain, and the group of homeless people who spend most of their time in the park say it was their silent act of protest against the project. They're about to change this whole park. It's gonna take our only place we love to hang, so that everyone's going to have to hang somewhere else," said one man.

That company faced adversity immediately.

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The market for its cotton goods fell into depression, and the mill switched to a new and untried man made fiber—rayon. On that product, Burlington Mills would become an industrial giant. The Depression years were difficult here. Labor organizers came and stirred unrest and violence.

Burlington's discount cycle revealed (hint: buy that new coat now) | Thinknum Media

Mill villages were tough areas. The Burlington Mills community became known as "Little Chicago.

First Land Claim

Mill owners sold mill houses to employees, generating pride on the part of the new owners, not only in their homes but in the community as well. They demanded a safe place for their children, and with city officials, they made it happen.

After the war, Western Electric came, adding electronics to the economic base. Textiles still prevailed, however, and in the s, severe recession struck here. Unemployment rose to almost 20 percent at one point.

With local leadership, diversification in the local job market began to occur, and there is no longer such reliance on a single industry. Now instead of riding the coaster, families can enjoy picnics, bocci, a playground and much more.

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Source: Vintage Burlington. Source: Burlington Gazette. Source: Burlington Public Library. It was a mecca for glitz and glamorous revelry. Today, the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital stands in its place, featuring inpatient beds.